Several years ago while searching for someone to do some video copying for me,  I contacted Adrian Miller. I was delighted to learn that we had a member right here in A’s net who could help me out with videotape conversion. Again, a few weeks ago, when  I contacted you for a referral to produce a Television Public Service Announcement, I learned that  you could do this for me too!  At the time, I had no idea what talent you had!    I hold you in the highest of regards for the PSA you helped produce.  Well actually, once I gave you the script you “ran with it” and made my job so much easier.  I want to thank you, on behalf of the many men  whose lives we might save,  for the time and effort in which you expended on it.   I appreciate the many hours you waited for the talent who were late or did not show.  I appreciate the points and suggestions you made while in production, and appreciate all the contributions and additional resources you provided in order to get this out  to the networks.  All in the name of Prostate Cancer Awareness.  Can you stand one more compliment?  We have received so many  thumbs up on this commercial that I give you permission to use it to show anyone the proof of how impressed I am with your work!   Instead of the chaos that I expected, all I got were smiles from you and a very easy time!  Thank you , thank you!   If there is ever anything I can do to help you out, please do not hesitate to call on me.  You know how to find me! Look out for the Public Service Announcement on MSG, SNY, YES Network and News 12.  You might even see it on  Yankee and Mets  Stadium  Scoreboards,,,… and when you do, be proud….. because it could not have been done without you!         

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As technology keeps making the world smaller, it seems like simple communication with your customers, vendors, employees and even your family just keep getting harder.
Over the last 50 years, nothing has shaped our opinions or affected our lives as much as television and the power of video.

As you know television is simply another more effective way for us to communicate with each other. Today websites reach a worldwide audience and adding video to them can create your own TV channel for everyone in the world to see.
As technology keeps pushing us further and further and more distribution sources emerge, this enables us to deliver video in more creative ways, effective and efficient ways.

“Tony Liuzzi is a prince among princes.  He works wonders. I'm a film editor and was once in a terrible state with my (then) new Tascam FW-1082 audio surface control. I couldn't work out how to interface it to my Mac, but somehow I came across Tony who had it all worked out. He was able to make the last little bit of magic happen, so that the two machines would talk to each other. I was thrilled! He then carefully wrote out the instructions so that all others could benefit from his clever interpretation of the manufacturer's poor instructions. I notice that Tascam have followed his lead since then.   So finally, thanks to Tony, we can all connect our stuff.”

Godfrey Pye

"Working with Tony Liuzzi and DVD, over the last 10 years, has been a pleasure.  From the small project on a tight budget to the intricate, lengthy production, Tony's ability to work fast, accurately and with an intuitive sense of what works, only serves to enhance my creativity."

Kevin Gallagher
Executive Producer
Icon Digital Media Inc.

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